Date posted: December 14, 2021

Gift Guide for Fashion Friends

A roundup of stylish gift ideas for family and friends from FAME+’s fashion e-tailers

by Patti Sunio

‘Tis the season to go online shopping for your style-savvy friends and loved ones! TouchPoint brings you good tidings: a definitive list of fashion-forward, Filipino-made pieces that you may want to consider giving the dedicated fashion followers in your life.



The dark, dreary days of the pandemic have left us craving brighter days—and brighter outfits—and wearing an unexpected hue is one way we can amp up the good vibes. It’s high time we welcome shocking pops of color like blinding magenta, traffic cone orange, or egg yolk yellow.

We have our eyes on this magenta number in easy, breezy linen; a summer dress in azure, and this pair of comfy slippers in sunshine yellow. Laid-back and casual pieces that pack a punch, your chic friends will love these.



Gabria Swagger by KARA DE JUAN; Seven Joys Jewelry Set | Earrings and Necklace by MA. ANGELICA RARE FINDS; Regina Raffia Heel by INNE STUDIOS

Thank goodness for fashion, we have at least that one constant thing in our lives still under our control. And understandably so, as the uncertainty of the past two years leaves us gravitating towards forms and figures that are familiar and reliable, as Fashion Snoops calls it in their 2022-2023 trend report.

This “functional, secure, and stylish bag,” a genius amalgamation of geometric shapes, gets it. It makes for a great conversation-starter for the friend who loves to go out. A set of jewelry with delicate, lustrous beads in 24K gold also lends a feeling of joy and familiarity, while one can never go wrong with a trusty pair of neutral heels.



One can never get enough of ruffles and monochrome, and this funky shirt gives you both. It’s something your busy fashion-loving friend can easily put on to an important Zoom meeting and a family reunion IRL right after. If you’ve got other ideas in terms of colorways, patterns, fabric choices, and the like, the fashion duo behind HA.MÜ. will be more than glad to whip up a custom-made one for you.

More than visual impact, these two other pieces—a fun polka dotted jumpsuit and a quilted vest made with fabric scrap, and a pink sneaker made of pineapple cotton yarn—make a big impact on eco-consciousness, too. Now that’s fashion-forward.



The new generation of conscious shoppers knows that to be fashion-forward means going beyond knowing next season’s trends. Dressing the part now is also about knowing where your clothes came from, who made them, and how.

A perfect example is this modern barong by Kelvin Morales, which has embroidery fashion into a pattern of used plastic bottles. It’s a single item of clothing that sends out multiple messages at once: the value and beauty in handmade, the designer’s thoughtful homage to our Filipino traditional wear, and his creative response to how we can “repurpose waste,” so to speak.

Also check out this embroidered polo shirt by NIñOFRANCO RTW. Think: the usual white tee staple, but with a thoughtful touch. It’s hand embroidered by the women artisans of T’boli in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato.



These days when we’ve practically gotten used to doing everything from home, it’s high time we leveled up our work-, and even dine- and party-from-home outfits. Style and comfort are key, and remember that the point of upgrading one’s “from home” wardrobe is, as they say, to look good and feel good.

Our picks for the homebodies on your list: a matching linen set in festive red for the ladies or this fancy kimono for the gentlemen—or the couple who enjoys matching outfits.



A proverbial pat on the back in the form of an indulgent accessory? Yes, please! For the close friend who’s had it tough, your mother who’s always got your back, or your favorite relative who you consider your lifesaver, give them their much-deserved reward. We especially like this driftwood necklace that’s made of intricate metalwork in brass with green star sapphires—thoughtful, luxurious, and indulgent.

One will also delight in this special collaboration creation with the Philippines’ National Living Treasure awardee, Eduardo Mutuc, hailed as the country’s best metal craftsman. This necklace is adorned with intricately carved flower-shaped metal pieces made using the pukpok (or hammering/pounding) technique that Mutuc is known for.



We’re well aware of the closet staples every fashion girl must have: an LBD, simple jewelry, a crisp button-down shirt, well-tailored trousers, et cetera. And while these are tried-and-tested pieces one can wear on rotation, we thought it could be fun to add a twist to the classics. In life and in fashion, times have changed and we’re all about welcoming newness now.

So how about a little black midi dress in plaid that can be dressed up or dressed down as one does a basic LBD? Plus, a pair of capiz earrings for everyday wear, in place of the usual pearls. These can make perfect gifts for friends dying to try something new, but don’t know where to start.

Marianna by BOHO MANILA; Paloma Dress by TA LOULOU



Fashion is a reflection of the times, they say. And this year, as we’ve officially entered the astrological Aquarian age, the shift has become one of the things that’s inspired jewelry designer Joyce Makitalo. Her latest collection for her brand J Mäkitalo “looks to symbolism for deeper meaning, protection, and wisdom” as we collectively experience radical changes on all fronts of life as we know it. And so the next step is clear: arm your bestest friends with these stylish cuffs.

Likewise, this pair of leather earrings by O'EL DESIGNS called “Aviv,” is inspired by the Hebrew word’s meaning, which is life, revival, new hope, and beauty. Should these be the things you’d want to manifest come 2022 and beyond, there’s no harm in wearing these clip-ons to attract more good energy.



For friends who could use a surprise or need some cheering up, give them something unexpected. Be it in the form of shocking colors, quirky prints, or designs that are a bit out of this world, ‘tis the season to just go for it.

Candy Clutch Bag by BEATRIZ ACCESSORIES; Into the Bloom 90x90 Silk Scarf by JIM WEAVERS DESIGNS; Samu Jacket by ETHNIQUE



Palmeras Piña - GEE by TAN-GAN; Pahiyom Button-Down by NIñOFRANCO RTW; Porma Trousers Oatmeal Linen by STUDIO SAMPAGUITA

As things are looking up, slowly but surely, you may have friends or family members who’ve only recently shown their faces—or are at least thinking about it. Encourage them to finally step out of their homes—safely and in style—with these looks.



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