Date posted: December 14, 2021

Gift Guide for Beauty and Wellness

Spread the love this Christmas season! Check out our list of beauty, health, and wellness picks from FAME+’s e-tailers

by Patti Sunio

2021 is nearing its end and along with the new year, we’re taking with us the lessons the past year has taught us. More importantly, we think now’s the best time to share your blessings and pass on the good vibes. We hope to make holiday shopping a bit easier for you with this list filled with wellness and goodness, proudly made by the e-tailers on FAME+.



After another year of “weathering out” the pandemic, what we all need are soothing balms to nurse our “wounds.” Here’s an all-in-one solution that can be used as a moisturizer, a treatment for sunburn or razor burns, irritated skin, chapped lips, stretch marks, and other skin irregularities. It’s suited for all skin types so it’s safe to give everyone in your friend group!

Another option is this oatmeal soap bar. Oatmeal is known to be a good exfoliant that can also moisturize the skin and reduce inflammation. It’s like giving the skin a nourishing treat with every bath.



Peony Body Oil by NATU HANDCRAFT STUDIO; Sage and Berries Beeswax Candle by NATU HANDCRAFT STUDIO

Check on your busy friends and remind them that a little self-care goes a long way. This body oil is packed with good-for-you ingredients that help fight premature wrinkles, lighten dark spots, and even out the skin tone.

This skincare ritual can be followed by quiet me-times with a scented candle. Our pick is this sage and berries scented one, made of slow-burning beeswax, so that your busy recipient can take his or her time winding down before bed.



FS-Fish , FS-Log & FS-Oval – Foot Scrub by PUMICE UNLIMITED VENTURES

The end of the year is a good time to wash away one’s skin sins and impurities! A thoughtful gift for friends and family, these scrubs are made from natural pumice stone from Mt. Pinatubo’s volcanic rocks.



Gugo Shampoo by MAYUMI ORGANICS; Ultimate Skin Salve by BATHGEMS

In every Filipino household, beauty secrets are shared and passed on from one generation to another. The magic of gugo (a type of climbing vine abundant in tropical forests) is one—it’s our great-grandmothers’ and grandmothers’ secret to lush, luscious hair. Pass on the wisdom and give the gift of gugo!

Another is a skin balm that does it all. We found this skin salve that’s chemical-free, preservative-free, and sulfate-free—your ancestors will approve. This skin moisturizer can be used on both the face and the body, to help treat and soothe dry or damaged skin.



Rose Clay Refreshing Shampoo Bar by NATU HANDCRAFT STUDIO

Start them early. Shampoo bars are a recent solution of beauty brands to address the waste that comes from the packaging of products. Try a no-waste shampoo bar that smells so good, too! This one comes in a kid-friendly formulation that’s suitable for all hair types.



Where there’s work-from-home, there’s spa-from-home, too. For the hustlers on your list who might be forgetting to give themselves a break, gift them these colorful bath bombs filled with essential ingredients that moisturize skin and promote muscle relaxation, or a bottle of this stress and anxiety relief oil roller that’s made with 100% natural and pure plant oils.



Chocolate Butter Mousse Soap by NATU HANDCRAFT STUDIO

Chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon in a bath bar? Who can say no to such a sweet proposition? This yummy bath bar is thoughtfully made, packed with skin-loving ingredients, and will surely be a sweet treat for anyone on your list!



Christmas Soap by BATHGEMS

Out of ideas and unsure of what your friend or a relative might like? You can trust that every Filipino’s favorite season is the holidays and so it’s highly likely that they’ll find joy in this Christmas soap bar. It has a sweet scent that’ll make your lucky recipient think of snowflakes, pine, and candy cane.



Gratitude Soy Candle by NATU HANDCRAFT STUDIO; Hamog Room/Linen Spray by SIMOY NG HARAYA

To maintain an attitude of gratitude means not only counting one’s blessings, but more about truly being grateful for one’s wins and losses. To the friend or friends who need this reminder, send this Gratitude candle their way, with a note that’ll remind them to celebrate their lives—wherever it’s at—or this room and linen spray with a scent of freshly cut grass and morning dew that’ll make them appreciate mornings even more.



Umaga Reed Diffuser by SIMOY NG HARAYA; Daily Hues Scent No.1 Garden's Gaze by DAILY HUES

The last two years ultimately taught us this: prioritize your peace—and surround yourself with friends and family who will give you that. Best for slow mornings, this reed diffuser is your love language for the important people in your life. Send them warmth, comfort, light, and love. This scented candle, which “transports you to a calm, Sunday morning,” is a pick-me-upper, too, as it emits joy-giving notes of citrus and sunflowers.



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