Thomas & George: Artisan Furniture, Lighting and Decor for your High-end Interiors

We feature a curated selection of Classic Reproduction, Contemporary and Original Artisan Furniture, Lamps and some Home Decor for distinguished Residential and Executive Office Interiors. 

Named after two of the most influential furniture designers during the Georgian Era (also known in history as the “Age of Elegance”) Thomas Chippendale and George Hepplewhite, our company likewise endeavors to produce fine quality furniture that is timeless and made with meticulous attention to detail. 

For many years we specialized in 18th Century period reproductions, keeping true to the original masterpieces both in construction techniques, materials, and finishes. This resolve not to compromise on quality is what continues to set us apart as high-end furniture makers. This is also why our products are also known as “Heirloom furniture” or “Antiques of the future”. We endeavor to make our furniture with such integrity that it may be passed on for generations to come. Today our product lines have broadened to include Limited Edition Original Artisan Furniture, Lamps, Décor, and Cushions. 

We have taken our expertise in traditional fine furniture making, combined them with newly developed techniques, and are now applying them to our expanded contemporary product lines.

When commissioned, our Creative Team led by Ms. Lara K. will design unique furniture, and lighting or even create unique artwork for you.

We believe that each piece must be special therefore we welcome requests. This way our clients receive original designs that are not just truly their own, but also one of a kind. 

In a world, wherein most everything has become “mass-produced”, we opted to go the opposite route by offering our client’s pieces that are distinctly artisan and made with integrity. Whether it be from our Traditional 18th Century Furniture Designs or our Limited-Edition Original Designer Collection, all our pieces are made with integrity. 

At Thomas & George, we do not just sell furniture, we invite our clients to invest in “Works of Art”.

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