Philippine Treasures started out as a souvenir shop in 1972 and now it is an award-winning company that exports home decorations and ornaments that are made from indigenous and natural materials like leaves, broken glass, wood shavings, and dried twigs. Philippine Treasures takes pride in creating and manufacturing God-given resources which vary from the natural parts of the trees, plants, flowers and foliage, seashells, rocks, and stones to artistically transform into unique and world-class Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, ornamental balls, lanterns, and other home accent.

Passion. Innovation. Imagination. Philippine Treasures, Inc. takes pride in harvesting, gathering, and preserving God- given resources to artistically transform them into unique and world-class Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, lanterns, ornaments and many more, all thanks to the passion, innovation, and great imagination of its owner and designer.

The Art of Craft. Philippine Treasures is committed to continue improving its craft by strengthening its Research and Development Department by being on the lookout for new products, resources, materials, talented craftsmen, and efficient technology. It is willing to tread on towards new avenues to deliver products of world-class excellence.

#12 F. Baltazar St., Gibraltar Rd. Baguio City CAR Philippines 0


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