The word “Ennoble” in dictionary terms, means “to make noble; or to elevate.” That word has become not just Ennoble’s brand name, but also their ethos.

They aim to Ennoble community-based handicrafts in the Philippines by celebrating natural materials and traditional craft techniques. By collaborating with different Filipino artisans, most of which are in the province of Bulacan where they are based, they inject the traditional with an unapologetically quirky twist which turns the rather mundane, into something more fun and joyful.

But more importantly, the brand is inspired to Ennoble the lives of their artisans. As both of the co-founders came from the NGO and Design sector who has been working with grassroot communities for several years, serving has always been in their core. Thus, everything they do with their makers is a creative and collaborative process, and they always make sure that the artisans’ compensation is transparent, ethical, and dignified.

There is this joyful, elated spirit Ennoble exudes. At face value, one can say it has something to do with their quirky designs. But as you dig deeper into their vibrant offerings, it is actually more about the joy of lifting, and “ennobling,” handicraft design and its noble makers.

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